December 15, 2010

Dear Community Members,

For 40 years, Kumu Kahua Theatre has brought you plays about life in Hawai‘i. We are now in danger of losing our ability to pursue this mission. What is being threatened is our ability to maintain our space, pay our staff, and produce shows written by and for Hawai‘i's people.

Our ability to produce shows has been subsidized in large part by the generous funding from the State Foundation for Culture and the Arts. We continue to be grateful to the State for their support, but due to the current financial crisis, the legislature has cut the grants we receive by 60%.

In response to this loss of funding, we have raised our ticket prices, cut our expenses to the bare minimum, tabled improvement projects, and reduced our full time staff. Still, the magnitude of this budget cut remains devastating.

We, the board of directors, staff, and volunteers of Kumu Kahua Theatre are appealing to you to give to the theatre that has been honored to tell Hawai‘i's stories. Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated. 

We are also looking for new funding sources by seeking sponsorships for our productions, increasing group and school sales and expanding our board to include dedicated people who have access to funding revenue.  If you know of any granting organizations to which we may apply or if you can personally help us raise money, please let us know. We need to raise a substantial amount of money in order to insure the long-term survival of the theatre.

Please help sustain our mission: plays about life in Hawai'i, by people of Hawai'i, for the people of Hawai'i.

Mahalo nui loa,

Jason Kanda                             Harry Wong III                           Margaret Welch
Board President                        Artistic Director                        Acting Managing Director 

Our Mission:

Plays about Life in Hawaii

Plays by Hawaii's Playwrights

Plays for Hawaii's People

Kumu Kahua Theatre
46 Merchant St
Honolulu, HI 96813

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